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At B.M.A Specialists, you and your confidence are the most important piece of the puzzle. We provide a wide range of automotive repair services for your convenience. And remember, we want to keep you in our loyal customer family. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, just ask!

Standard maintenance auto service in Deer Park, NY

It’s a fact: regular, quality maintenance extends the life of your vehicle. It also gives you the peace of mind you need. Whether you’re looking for the basics like factory scheduled maintenance or 30k/60k/90k/120k mile services, or something more specific like computer diagnostics or safety and emissions inspections, we’ve got you covered. Brake repair, shocks, struts, suspension and steering are all part of our standard maintenance auto service. When it comes to maintenance and auto service in Deer Park, we want to be your number one choice.

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • 30k/60k/90k/120k Mile Services
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Oil Changes
  • Tune Ups
  • Filter Replacements
  • Safety & Emissions Inspections
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Fluid Services
  • Trip Inspections
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair
  • Brake Repair & Antilock Braking System (ABS) Repair
  • Shocks & Struts Repair
  • Chassis & Suspension Repair
  • Suspension & Steering Repair

Engine auto service in Deer Park, NY

When that check engine light unexpectedly comes on, it’s hard not to feel annoyed or even worried. We know how you feel, let us help! At B.M.A Specialists we offer a detailed DME/DDE performance check service. We do our best to save you time and money with our “Level 1 Testing and Analysis” service that covers; Drivetrain Diagnostics, Advance fuel injection system, Vehicle state of health (energy draw) & Advance mechanical repair and electrical. Our team of skilled professionals all possess dealer training and hands-on years of experience, they all chose this business because they love vehicles. We share a mutual goal to see your car run like new and our 55 years of combined knowledge will make that happen.

  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Replacement
  • Drive-train Performance Check
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Advance Coding & Electronic Diagnostics
  • Driveability Diagnostics & Repair
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Fuel System Repair & Maintenance
  • Ignition/Anti-theft System Repair & Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioner Repair in Deer Park, NY

For the best cooling and heating auto repair service in Suffolk County, trust B.M.A Specialists. We offer a full range of heating and cooling system diagnostics, as well as heating system and air conditioning repair and service. Our team of trained technicians are also masters in A/C compressor and evaporator replacement.

  • Electric Water Pump & Super Charger After Pump Replacement
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service
  • Heater Core System Repair & Service(Flush)
  • A/C Belt Replacement
  • Compressor Repair & Replacement
  • Heater Valves Replacement
  • 609 & MACS Certified Shop

Auto Electrical Services in Deer Park, NY

B.M.A Specialists provides the best advanced electrical auto service in Suffolk County, hands down, we welcome all outside repair facilities and/or body shops to use our “Level 2 Testing & Analysis” service that includes; System coding/programing, Troubleshooting a misdiagnosed high current amp draw(battery dead) or Warning lights that need to be reset after repairs. No job is too big or small! Whether you’ve lost the “power” in your electric steering or your vehicle is ready for the power locks to work again, we want to be your top choice. From power seats to windows and everything in between, trust B.M.A Specialists to handle your automotive repair services.

  • Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair
  • Alternator Repair & Replacement
  • Starter Repair & Replacement
  • System: Battery, Alternator, Starter Register & Code
  • Power Lock Repair
  • Power Seats Relearn & Repair
  • Electric Steering Repair
  • Power Window Repair
  • Panoramic Sun Roof Repair
  • Light Repair & Bulb Replacements
  • Adaptive/LED light Re-learn & Repair

Exhaust Service in Deer Park, NY

If you’re concerned about passing emissions (NYSI) or you already know your exhaust system isn’t what it should be, visit B.M.A Specialists. We offer; Exhaust Repair and Replacement, Muffler Repair and Replacement, and Tailpipe Repair and Replacement.

  • Exhaust Repair & Replacement
  • Muffler Repair & Replacement
  • Tailpipe Repair & Replacement
  • Custom Bolt On & Modification

Alignment Service in Deer Park, NY

A vehicle alignment service helps your tires last longer, can help improve gas mileage, and will improve vehicle handling to give you and your passengers a smooth ride. B.M.A Specialists will provide you with the best 4 wheel alignment service so you can get the best tire wear & keep your vehicle on the road safe longer.

  • 4 Wheel Alignment Service
  • Air/Mechanical Struts, Shocks & Suspension Repair & Service
  • Air Ride Calibration
  • Control arms & Bushings Replacement

Transmission Service in Deer Park, NY

B.M.A Specialists offera excellent transmission service provided by a team of highly qualified technicians. Having your transmission serviced could help extend the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long run. Our modern factory diagnostic tools will ensure we find the perfect plan of action to avoid unnecessary high spending due to misdiagnosis. No guessing here, our work is guaranteed!

  • Repair & Overhaul
  • Maintenance, Seals/Gasket Repair and Service
  • Advanced Mechatronics Diagnostics
  • Coding & Programming of all ZF Transmissions
  • Valve Body Service & Solenoid Replacement

Complete Auto Service in Deer Park

Don’t see your vehicle’s issue here yet? Don’t worry. Our experienced technicians can definitely handle your vehicle’s problem. Contact us via phone, email or in person for more information about the kinds of auto service in Deer Park that we offer. Contact us today!